Nice way to end a weekend. 🍦😄👍 (at Somerset Farm) High-res

Nice way to end a weekend. 🍦😄👍 (at Somerset Farm)

Did you lose weight any or inches doing Whole30? How are you feeling?

I did!

I lost:

3” in my hips

2” in my waist

3 1/2” in my bust (booo! lol)

11.8 lbs.

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Hey I was wondering about your boyfriend! Where did you meet him? If you met online how did you decide that you could date someone with a child? He's cute! You did good!

My boyfriend is Joe Pro, yes, that’s his real name. :)

Joe is one of the IT guys for the district I work in. I have known him for a few years, but only on a “Hey, how are you doing” basis or “Hey, can you fix this problem on my computer.”

Last year, out of the blue, he asked me out not long after I picked up my school laptop. Apparently he had his eye on me since the previous school year. I had no idea!

I also had no idea that he had been married previously, or had a daughter. Before Joe, I had made a rule for myself not to date a man who had been married, or had children. I think because I am the product of a remarriage and I have two older half sisters. While I love my family to death, it sometimes is difficult/awkward on my mom with a previous marriage and two children that weren’t hers. So I didn’t want to repeat history.

I decided to give Joe a change and see what would happen. I am so happy that I did. While sometimes it is challenging dealing with a 5-year-old that is not mine, and an ex-wife, its all worth it. This past year has probably been the best of my life, and I’m looking forward to many more. It hasn’t always been perfect, but hey, that’s life!!

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I did it, with results. Inches lost and down 11.8 lbs! #Whole30 High-res

I did it, with results. Inches lost and down 11.8 lbs! #Whole30